Video Resources

Toolbox Essentials
Installing a Remote Keypad For Your Garage Door
The Painting Process
Preparing to Paint
How to Hang Large Pictures
Replacing Weather Stripping
Baby Proofing Kitchens and Bathrooms
Basic Dish Washer Maintenance
Replacing Electrical Outlets
Front Load Washing Machines
Fun Household Tricks
Replacing A Toilet Flapper
AC Condenser Maintenance
Checking A Toilet Flapper
Removing Hard Water Deposits
Correcting a Self Closing Door
Flushing A Water Heater
How to Find a Stud
Changing Your Furnace Filter
Fixing Nail Pops
Utility Shutoff Valves
Unclogging a Slow Bathroom Drain
GFCI Outlets - The Basics
Extension Cord Storage
Replacing Refrigerator Water Filters
Cleaning Refrigerator Coils
Adjusting Toilet Fill Valves
Garage Door Maintenance
Improperly Installed Deadbolts
Hand-Held Shower Head Installation
Rewiring a Lamp