Mold Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing Washington

Mold can be hidden in the air or behind walls. Air Testing for mold protects you against harmful allergens.

How we complete mold air quality testing:

  • Inspection
    • During the initial home inspection, will we examine the home and areas of concerns for signs of moisture intrusion.
  • Control Test
    • Mold is everywhere. So we complete a control test outside the home to compare interior vs exterior mold levels.
  • Mold Testing
    • While using our special equipment we can suck in air in different parts of the home to collect air samples.
  • Submission of Samples
    • After the air samples are taken, we submit them off to a laboratory for further examination.
  • Reporting
    • A detailed report of the air quality is then submitted to determine what allergens and molds are in the air and at what levels.
  • Next Steps
    • Based on the mold testing results and the condition of the home, we can guide you on the next steps.
Mold Testing Washington
Mold Air Quality Testing
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Where we Service

We complete mold testing in these counties: Pierce, Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor, and South King.

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