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Pay At Close

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Pay at Close

About Our Pay at Close Services

Our Pay at Close Inspections offer a convenient option for homebuyers to pay for their home inspection at the time of closing, rather than upfront. This option is ideal for those who want to reserve their cash or avoid making credit card purchases during the home-buying process. By providing a pay-later option, we aim to create a more comfortable, stress-free, and no-cost home-buying experience for new homeowners. With the peace of mind that this program offers, homebuyers can rest assured that their property has been thoroughly inspected before they move in.


  • Reserve Cash
  • Avoid Making Credit Card Purchases
  • Include Essential Inspection Purchases
  • Simplify Financial Planning

How It Works:

  • The home buyer needs to fill out the application for payment at closing.
  • The client will then sign an agreement and the home buyer will be guided to a payment page where they are required to enter credit card information.
    The provided card details will be securely saved on file. A card verification payment of $0.01 will be charged to the card for validation purposes only. It’s important to note that this serves as a backup payment if the sale doesn’t close, and no additional charges will be made to this card as long as the sale successfully reaches closing.
  • Once the application is reviewed and all required information is verified, and communication with the closing company is established, you will receive an email confirming the approval of your application. This process will take at least one business day.

Contact our office if you would like more information or wish to apply!

Pay at Close Inspection
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Where we Service

We complete Pay at Close Inspections in these counties: Pierce, Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor, and South King.

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