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Sewer Scope Inspection Tacoma, WA

Sewer Drain Camera Services Washington

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Drain lines can only be examined by a specialized sewer drain camera

Whether you are on the city sewer system or a private septic, this inspection will tell you if there are issues with the lines and what repair work may be needed.

Here’s what we can find with a sewer scope inspection:

  • Tree Roots
    • Vegetation growth can occur underneath your home overtime which can lead to damaged pipes.
  • Bellies
    • Overtime settlement or improper installation can lead to bellies which cause poor drainage.
  • Leaks
    • Undetected leaks can occur underneath your home. Leaking sewage can lead to home settlement and bad odors.
  • Corrosion
    • Cast Iron drain lines are known to corrode from the inside out overtime.
Sewer Scope Inspection

Why is a Sewer Scope Inspection Important in Tacoma Before Buying an Older Home?

Why is a Sewer Scope Inspection Important Before Buying an Older Home?

During the life of a home many things can occur underground to the sewer lines without the homeowner knowing it. So, when purchasing a home, gather all the information, including the condition of your sewer lines. “All kinds of things can be detected by a sewer scope,” shares Boggs. “Tree root invasion, pipe breakage or pipe collapse can all be seen during the inspection.”

Tree root invasion is one of the most common in our year-round growing climate in the south sound. Over time, small roots can creep into tiny crack and openings in the sewer line and begin to expand. They often then form traps for debris traveling down the sewer line, creating backups and clogs. Ultimately, the roots will cause breakage in the lines leading to leaks and line failure.

Homes constructed prior to 1950 have sewer lines made of a tar paper substance called Orangeburg pipes. Over time, these pipes disintegrate and collapse. The only way to determine if an older home (60+ years) still has Orangeburg pipes is with a sewer scope inspection.

The process is extremely easy yet can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in repair, excavation and landscape destruction. “The inspections typically run about $200 to $250,” shares Boggs. “That’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that your sewer lines are in good shape, possibly saving you thousands in future repairs.”

Historic bungalows and sprawling mid-century ranches are desirable in today’s market for unique and character filled homes. But, they come with hidden risks. A sewer scope can check one of those off your list.

Why Have a Sewer Scope Inspection Tacoma WA?

  • Peace of Mind – How do you know your sewer is good?  Having the sewer inspection conducted can take the guess work out of the equation once they have diagnosed the problem.  With good results there are no worries of unexpected costly repairs.


  • Be Proactive – If smaller issues are found you can fix them after the closing.  A small plumbing problem can lead to bigger ones over time if not taken care of.  This can result in those costly repairs.


  • Avoiding the Costly Repairs – If you know going into the sale that there are major problems in the sewer line and sewage system, you can negotiate a lower purchase price of the home.  You can also ask the seller to fix the issues and if they refuse, walk away.  You always have a choice and that can help you avoid the taking on the expense of the fix yourself.

About Tacoma

Tacoma is located in Pierce County, WA. As of the 2020 census, the population was 219,346, making it the third-largest city in the state. Tacoma is a port city located along Puget Sound, and it is the center of business activity for the South Sound region. Let us perform your sewer scope inspection for your home in Tacoma.

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We were super happy with the very detailed report our inspector gave us on the purchase of our home. Thank you so much. We truly appreciate the time and thoughtfulness put into looking at every aspect of the home we are buying. I would recommend Boggs to anyone looking.

Kristen KirbyGoogle Review

Very good experience with Boggs. Our inspector was beyond thorough. I had a couple questions for the office before our inspection and they were very responsive. I’m not sure the comparison for the price. Boggs was my first choice based on the reviews. Based on the price I feel like we got a great deal.

Leah WoogGoogle Review

Great quality. Jon was extremely thorough, and he made sure to explain everything he was doing and looking for. I appreciated that. You can just tell he's a professional who is very serious about his work and his customers. Thank you!

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