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Our Tacoma, WA Home Inspections Include:

Tacoma, Wa has a number of historic neighborhoods mixed with new homes. Many of the older homes date back to the 20’s or earlier. These come with their own issues such as foundation movements, old/outdated electrical systems and sewer concerns such as the dreaded Orangeburg waste lines. These are some of the defects that have a little more attention afforded to them due to the increase in either maintenance or replacement costs. Expect to have a larger detailed report when shopping for older homes in Tacoma and the surrounding areas.


We will examine all portions of the exterior to ensure windows are sealed, siding is properly installed, and more.


An in depth examination of the roof for damage, leaks, repairs, and estimated life.


We take a look at the electrical panels and home wiring to ensure it is safe and operational.


Boggs will look for plumbing leaks, check toilets, sinks, faucets, and more.

Air Conditioning

We will ensure the A/C is functioning properly and estimate its expected life.


We will ensure the heating system is in good working conditions and provide recommendations.


From interior walls, doors, bedrooms, outlets, cabinets, to ceilings.

Limited Thermal Scan

The “Limited Thermal Scan” is a thermal imaging scan intended to locate anomalies not visible to the naked eye.


We look at everything we can see and will note evidence of shifting or structural damage.

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At Boggs Inspections Services, we pride ourselves in providing a unique and exceptional home buying experience that is enjoyable, educational, and comprehensive. We accomplish this by exceeding the expectations of our customers and maintaining an open communication. As a team, we have a high level of integrity and surpass the industry standard in education and technical expertise. Our aspiration help you find and deal with any potential problems, and to provide support for years after the inspection and a safe and sound home to live in. We are the best home inspection company for real estate agents and buyers in Tacoma, WA. With years of experience, we can give you peace of mind with your home purchase and deliver you an accurate condition of the property with our quality inspection report.

About Tacoma, WA

Known as the “City of Destiny”, Tacoma is located just south of Seattle. Not only is it just as trendy, you get to enjoy a lower cost-of-living. Whether you are moving to one of Tacoma’s older neighborhoods or building your home in one of the upcoming ones, we can help. Let us provide you with the best quality home inspection in Tacoma. We offer a wide arrange of home inspection services, even for home sellers with pre-purchase or pre-listing inspections.

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