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Here’s what is included in our general home inspection service:

  • Exterior
    • We will examine all portions of the exterior to ensure windows are sealed, siding is properly installed, and more.
  • Roof
    • An in depth examination of the roof for damage, leaks, repairs, and estimated life.
  • Electrical
    • We take a look at the electrical panels and home wiring to ensure it is safe and operational.
  • Plumbing
    • Boggs will look for plumbing leaks, check toilets, sinks, faucets, and more.
  • Air Conditioning
    • We will ensure the A/C is functioning properly and estimate its expected life.
  • Heating
    • We will ensure the heating system is in good working conditions and provide recommendations.
  • Interior Components
    • From interior walls, doors, bedrooms, outlets, cabinets, to ceilings.
  • Foundation/Structure
    • We look at everything we can see and will note evidence of shifting or structural damage.
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We complete home inspections in these counties: Pierce, Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor, and South King.

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